Standalone Publish for EXR UDIMS not working

Hello - I’m trying to publish files on disk using the Standalone Publisher. I’m selecting a folder with the udim textures, but it collects them as Rendered Image Sequence, and publishes them with %04d.exr instead of ..exr

If I publish through Mari, it publishes UDIM TIF images and stores them properly in shotgrid.

In maya if I want to load the published textures the action creating the file node does not work when loading the Rendered Image Sequence, but it works for the TIF UDIMs.

What I like it to do, in the Publisher, if I browse a folder containing EXR Udim textures, it should collect them as such, and publish them properly as UDIM Image. And in Maya when I load the published files, the action creating the filenode, should do it correctly.


the functionality you are searching for needs some custom development to sort it out.