Shrunken notes in shotgun player


I want to see all notes in a version when I review in the shotgun player.
But it suggests a clink link with “=====VIEW ALL (number) NOTES=====”
If there are many shots to check, clicking the links takes some time.

Can I setup my site’s option, such as the number of maximum allowed notes in a version?
or no limitation in the “open_notes” value.


Hi @jonghankim ,

AFAIK, there is no such settings on Shotgun web app. Not quite sure which player you are using and what you see while playing. Could you please do a screenshot so that we know what we are looking at here.

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Hi Ben,

Thank you for your reply.
I am using just shotgun web player in chrome.
Below is the capture image on the browser.

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Thanks for the screenshot @jonghankim - this would fall into feature request land.

Head on over to the roadmap and click the + Submit Idea button to get your idea in front of our Product team and perhaps one day, you can see it come to life! The best product ideas are the ones that are accompanied by reasons why/how it would be useful to your production or project.



Thank you for your kind reply.