shotgunEventDaemon conf file not found


I’m receiving an error where it seems the shotgun event script can’t find the conf file - I’ve placed it in the same directory as per installation instructions and configured it accordingly. When trying to test the script as a foreground process I receive this:

C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src> foreground

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src\”, line 1395, in


File “C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src\”, line 1354, in main

daemon = LinuxDaemon()

File “C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src\”, line 1310, in init

self._engine = Engine(_getConfigPath())

File “C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src\”, line 1391, in _getConfigPath

raise EventDaemonError("Config path not found, searched %s" % ", ".join(paths))

main.EventDaemonError: Config path not found, searched C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src, C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src\shotgunEventDaemon.conf, C:\Users\franjov\Desktop\Scripts\shotgunEvents\src

I can’t seem to alleviate the issue. Any ideas on what might be causing the script to ignore the conf file?

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Hello @victorfranjo and welcome to the community.

I’m assuming that in your explorer you are in fact seeing the file at


yet the daemon is not finding it? If this is the case, I’d start by making sure that the extension is actually .conf.

On Windows, certain editors make it look like they are saving with the extension you expect, but the .conf part just becomes part of the name. Here’s an example:


This is actually a .txt file but in explorer it looks like a .conf file.

You can make sure this is not the problem by turning on the file extension visibility

Hopefully this will help solve your problem.



Thanks! Had it listed as an example file, just had to write it in as you’ve shown.