ShotgunAuthenticator.create_script_user implement sudo_as_login

Hi there,

I need to bootstrap the Shotgun Toolkit engine on the farm.
And I want to be able to track all interactions against the database using the user login (In the event log).
I tried using serialized user sessions, but it expires within 24 hours and I’m forced to resubmit the jobs to make renew the authentication.

So I’m trying to implement sudo_as_login argument to ShotgunAuthenticator.create_script_user method.
This way I will be able to use API KEY on the farm and have my users operations tracked in the database.

Does anyone see anything wrong with using this method?
Is it a feature that could be merged into the main tk-core?

Merge request submitted to


Hey Michael, have you received any updates on your request to Autodesk yet? It would be great to be able to sudo-as-another-user with the SG Desktop