Shotgun.upload method failing in closed network

Hello group!

I am failing to upload a video by using ‘Shotgun.upload’ method (python-api) with a closed(only ‘https://{name}’ is opened) network computer.

And there are no problems when I use ShotgunCreate to do the same task(create version and upload movie). CRUD methods works just fine too.

Can somebody explain to me why only Shotgun.upload method is not working?



You need to be able to contact AWS because the uploads go to s3. Basically you have to allow a bunch of extra addresses on your firewall.
This article should contain everything you need:

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@mmoshev Thank you for the link and the quick response.

I’m trying to understand the last part of this article ==>> Selecting a storage location for uploaded files overview – Shotgun Support

So if my storage location is Tokyo,Japan (ap-northeast-1)
Do I just need to inform the IT department to allow these 3 urls?
S3 region URL:
Accelerated S3 URL:
Regular S3 URL: