Shotgun.config.proxy_handler.proxies return error value

when I set HTTP proxy in config.ini some error happen

I just setting HTTP proxy, but when open shotgun python console debug it,

print(shotgun.config.proxy_handler.proxies) return {'https':'http://123.234.345.456:8888'}

I think if I set value in config.ini


should return {'http':'http://123.234.345.456:8888'}

if I set value in config.ini


should return {'https':'http://123.234.345.456:8888'}

I need it be {‘http’:‘’} ,How can i do it? or it’s a bug?


Hi @heylenz

As your shotgun is local install, the client requested url will be changed by haproxy on server side. As we talked in person, we can solve it by add web head to your shotgun server.



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