Changes to Toolkit App Store – August 3

The TL;DR:

  • All Toolkit App Store downloads will be coming from AWS S3 storage as of August 3
  • If you use a firewall, proxy, or gateway that filters traffic by domain name, you need to ensure that you allow traffic from

The change

We are in the process of moving all of our Toolkit App Store updates to AWS S3 storage. As with the rest of Shotgun, we’re moving from storing components on the Toolkit App Store site,, to uploading them directly to AWS S3 cloud storage. With the v1.3.10 release of the Shotgun Integrations, we made it so that new versions of App Store components would be uploaded to S3. With the change on August 3, all existing components will be migrated to S3.

As the Toolkit App Store uploads media in the Oregon S3 region and many of our clients across the world access their media from a different S3 region, we’ve decided to put a proxy server in the same IP range as your Shotgun site, so that you don’t have to update your IP whitelist. However, because the URL for this proxy server is, you may have to update your network configuration if you are filtering traffic based on fully qualified domain names, rather than IP addresses.

We will be fully “flipping the switch” on August 3, so be sure you’re set up before then to avoid disruption.

Note that this change will happen regardless of whether you’ve locked your Toolkit site configuration to a specific version.

Preparing for this change

For studios that are using Shotgun Desktop and the Toolkit integrations, you’ll need to make sure that any proxy or firewall filters allow downloads from

If you are filtering sites based on domain name, you need to allow traffic from

If you’re filtering sites based on IP address, you should already be set up to allow the range of IPs required to download from the App Store.

Note that the downloads will still appear to come from, but their URLs will be a redirect to Please ensure that your firewall or proxy allows redirects.


If you want to know if your network is configured correctly, you can run the Python script that we’ve uploaded here. Please make sure that the computer you are running this script on is behind the firewall, gateway, or proxy that puts restrictions on your Internet traffic for an accurate test.

This script can be run either from the Shotgun Desktop’s Python console, by pasting it in the tank shell command, or from a standalone Python interpreter.


If you perform the above test and it fails, please contact and we’ll help you track down what the issue is.