Shotgrid AMI handling Windows vs MacOS

Hi, community.

I’m playing around with Shotgrid AMIs. But there is a huge difference between the way Mac OS and Windows are treating the right-click in a browser. MacOS generates a long URL with all the needed data stored in a GET request (long URL with key, value pairs separated by the & character). A right-click under Windows gives me a short GET url, with just th user_id attribute. Looks for me, like Windows Batch is truncating everything after the first & character.

Can anybody tell me, what am I doing wrong? :smiley:

Are you using batch script on windows to receive the AMI?

Why not point to a python install and a python script?

Interesting. I could try it.
The way using a batch-wrapper helps build up the environment. We are using REZ for collecting all the packages. But i will double check if it’s doable without the wrapper. Thanks!

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Even if you wrap, you could wrap using python?

The easiest solution for me at the end was to use the light payloads, which only supply a event log entry id. The id is the only argument you get passed, so it works flawlessly in every os :smiley: