Shot-specific field and calculate fields

Hello there,

In a shot we need to be able to view which asset is in it and how many time the asset is called in the shot. So we’ve casted our assets in our shots and we created a Shot-Specific Field called asset count in which we enter the number of time the asset needs to be duplicated in the shot.

All that is good. But now I need to count how many assets is in the shot according to the Shot-Specific Field we created. The field is called CHR count in Shot. It’s in the Shot entity.

I can’t calculate it because it doesn’t appear in the “calculated” field I’ve juste created.

Is it even possible ?

Thanks !

I am assuming the field you added is a multi entity? In that case then you might be out of luck with a calculated field


However you can create a query field that might get you closer to what you’re after. These were the settings I used and it seemed to work.

Hope this Helps

Hey Justin!

Thanks a lot! It’s not exactly what I needed. But thanks to your info I managed to do what I wanted.

That’s what I’ve done, just for the record