SHA-2 HMAC support?

Are there any plans to support SHA-2 HMAC?

We do have support for a “Secret tokens” (see “Secret tokens” section here:
Is this what you are looking for?

Hey Stephane! Yes, that’s it, but checking to see if you’ll expand support to include SHA-2 (looks like you currently only support SHA-1 only)?

Oh, Hi Stephen! Hadn’t recognized you :slight_smile:

No plans right now to support SHA-2. Is this a blocker for you?

Not a blocker, but we do have a preference for SHA-2, and was curious if the rest of of the community is also leaning that direction?

Great to hear from you Stephane!

Ok, cool.

We will certainly add this to our to-do list. Will be great to see if others have the same requirement!

Have a great day!

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Happy to migrate to SHA-2 HMAC our only preference is to adopt best security practices. Additional security is better.