SG Ticket interation with Project Managment apps?

Im working in pipeline land with tickets for various shows.
Im needing a tool that can talk to SG and take say ticket numbers and put in a visual planner.
Looking at or trello.
Can move tickets to Jira but if i can find a tool to run SG and create a “visual” management system this would be ideal?
Any ideas? thoughts?

I’m assuming here that you mean you have a ticket system in SG where people can create pipe tickets.

So, with that, it sounds like Webhooks would be the simplest solution to what you’re after, potentially.
I’d use Zapier or some other similar product to set up a listener from SG, set up a SG webhook to listen for newly created tickets and connect Zapier to whatever product you need.

That would work for one-way transmission, from SG to X product, and you could set it up to listen for changes to an existing ticket and pipe those changes over to X product too.
Back to SG would be a lot trickier however, there’s no webhook listener in SG nor any API connection with Zapier or the like (that I know of).

But if you are going through the trouble of setting up endpoints/routes for your webhooks to talk to you could set up a route for your app to talk back to sg.

At least, thats what we do using Amazon Serverless/Lambda

Using the REST API? Yeah we do the same, we have a Flask Python webhook listener which then triggers a REST call to SG

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Yes Tickets in SG for pipe.
Zapier looks interesting, will do a bit of a deep dive