Sg_status_list in playlist fields

I noticed that playlists do not have a status list as a part of Shotgun’s initial templates, however, if the user creates a field with the field code of sg_status_list, then status icons work work just like they do with any other entity record (so if you have a link to a playlist entity record in an entity field field, it shows that status icon next to the playlist name – neat!)

Seems to me that having sg_status_list should be one of the default fields that comes with a fresh Shotgun site. Especially with more third party review systems building integrations into Shotgun. Status lists are in all sorts of entities I would never need to track statuses on, but it’s oddly missing from playlists. So, I’m curious to hear what community thoughts are around this. Do you track playlist statuses? Is the field code you use sg_status_list or something else?