Fetching entity level status list

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How to fetch entity level status list like (Shot, Asset, Task) using shotgun python API.


Hello @mahesh197

I would recommend you to take a quick look into the doc

You will find most of the information you are asking for. The doc is pretty well made and easy to follow.



Thanks for the links, Jerome! More specifically the schema functions will let you query/edit the field properties:


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Hi Guys, Thanks for the replay but my question is Fetching entity specific status list
Ex: For shot entity we have different status list like (ip, fin, hld…) and for Asset we have different status list like (ip, omit, rdy…) same for Sequence also. I want to show this specific list to my user. How to fetch this specific status list data?

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Hi @mahesh197,

@Jerome_Drese gave the correct answer here, and @brandon.foster narrowed it down to the right place, but as an example, this is how you would get the valid values for Shot statuses:

>>> sg.schema_field_read("Shot","sg_status_list")

{'sg_status_list': {'mandatory': {'editable': False, 'value': False}, 'name': {'editable': 
True, 'value': 'Status'}, 'data_type': {'editable': False, 'value': 'status_list'}, 
'entity_type': {'editable': False, 'value': 'Shot'}, 'custom_metadata': {'editable': True, 
'value': ''}, 'editable': {'editable': False, 'value': True}, 'ui_value_displayable': 
{'editable': False, 'value': True}, 'visible': {'editable': False, 'value': True}, 'unique': 
{'editable': False, 'value': False}, 'properties': {'default_value': {'editable': True, 
'value': 'wtg'}, 'hidden_values': {'editable': False, 'value': []}, 'valid_values':
{'editable': True, 'value': ['wtg', 'rdy', 'ip', 'hld', 'omt', 'cbb', 'fin']}, 'summary_default':
{'editable': True, 'value': 'status_list'}, 'display_values': {'editable': False, 'value':
{'cbb': 'CBB', 'ip': 'In Progress', 'omt': 'Omit', 'rdy': 'Ready to Start', 'wtg': 'Waiting to
Start', 'hld': 'On Hold', 'fin': 'Final'}}}, 'description': {'editable': True, 'value': ''}}}

If you look at the resulting hash, you’ll see that what you’re looking for is there under valid_values. Hope that helps.