SG for education - permission group problem

Hello, I use Shotgrid with my students in College. I need to change the coordo permission group so they can change any tasks status (not only the tasks they are assigned to). Even if I am admin, I can’t change it, looks like it’s set by default. Anyone knows if there’s a workaround?

Hi @genevieve_atm , welcome to the community! Would you mind uploading a screenshot or two? Could you also mention a bit more about your coordo permission group? Is this for coordinators? Did you make a copy of the default settings for that permission group?

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Hi @Cameron,
I did not create this permission group so I don’t know if it was a copy of the default settings (I assume it is though). It’s the permission group for the coordinators.
Here’s a screen shot, you can see the asterix at the bottom of the screen shot on the right of edit. I saw on a forum that it means that only Shotgrid can modify those permissions.


Hi @genevieve_atm on that specific page I believe it actually just means there’s an exception to the permission. What you need to do is hover over the Asterix to find what the exception is that is preventing your coordos from editing statuses.

Once you find the exception, you’ll better know how to tackle. I would suggest you scroll down to field permissions, tasks, and find status from there to make sure they’re editable in this permission group.

If for some reason none of that works, you may have a restricted permission group default on your hands, in which case, I’d + New Permission Group and probably build from Manager Defaults for a coordinator.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Cameron
Here’s what it says.

Hi @genevieve_atm sorry for the slow response. I’d check with someone from SG - look at the moderators tab on this site, but it looks like there are some custom rules applied to this permission group created by Shotgrid for a default group. I’d recommend you copy a different group and build from there.

Thanks @Cameron I actually created a new permission group from the manager default group. It was easier that way. Thanks for all your help!!

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