SG Desktop and "New" menu

Hi Shotgun,

I saw the announcement that using AMIs will now be allowed on the “New” menu, which is fantastic. Will SG Desktop apps also be allowed to run in that menu? If so, what is the context which will need to be added?


Hi folks, checking on this again.


Still hoping for an answer!

Hi all! Hitting this an extra time.

As far as I understand this can both be answered with a yes and a no.

You could certainly make an ami that targets a local Uri which launches a bootstrapped toolkit that then launches a specific app within that.

But I don’t think it’s possible to Launch one directly from the running toolkit desktop server unless you can hook into that socket code.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Ricardo,

Not sure if I totally follow you, but SG Desktop already has its own server in it which allows for AMI-like behavior in all the same places as other AMIs - except, I think, for the New menu. At least I haven’t seen any evidence of it the way that SG populates other menus with the “Open SG Desktop…” text. So I think they would just need to update SG Desktop itself to support this new context?