Several dependent task in the same day

I have several dependent tasks that last less than a day.
In Gantt if a bid task lasts more than 0 hours, it counts it as if it were a whole day, so the other task is programmed to start the next day. This situation disrrays the planning.
How can I manage to fit multiple dependent tasks in one day?
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Hi @fede

There isn’t a perfect catch all option for this as SG gantts really just work in full days. That said, you can use a couple options.

  1. Start-to-start dependancies could be used if tasks are consistently under a day (ie: in a task template). This would start both tasks on the same day but still have an order

  2. Dependancy offsets. (hold alt/option) in a gantt view and drag the second task back to the same day. You’ll see the dependancy arrow turn blue, indicating that it has been offset.
    Unfortunately there isn’t a field that indicates offsets (at least not that I’m aware of) so you have to have eagle eyes to keep track of these sometimes.

This link has more info on this right near the bottom of the page

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This may be helpful to reference as well:

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Thanks a lot!

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a couple other options for you on this. If a task takes less then one day to complete, you can set the duration to 0 and it will pull the downstream task to start on the same day. You can also use the milestone checkbox function on the task to do the same thing, but I’d suggest using milestones as events more than tasks.


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Thanks @PeteHart
I’m actually setting the duration to 0

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