SEC should check free disk space before loading images

Shotgun Enterprise Console (SEC) fails with a mysterious error message when loading a new shotgun app image and there’s not enough disk space left.

Would be nice to check this before and give a meaningful error.

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Hi @dougm,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Improvement SG-14305 has been logged to implement a disk space check upon image upload.

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Thanks Reese.

Heads up Docker users…

This is a somewhat worrisome discovery I made yesterday upgrading servers – prompted by, “why am I using so much disk space?” and the sinking feeling that followed after discovering that folks were solving the problem by simply “adding more storage.”

Docker forum: cleanup

Mostly boils down to periodic

  • prune overlays
  • clean out logs

Maybe I was just so enamoured by Docker. But somehow I feel like I found out it has a substance abuse problem.

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