Schema YML Files Copied to Filesystem


I’m getting an odd situation where I’ve added a constrain_by_entity yml file to the filesystem schema. It is working as advertised, but the yml file itself is also being copied into the filesystem. The contents of the file are:

type: "static"
constrain_by_entity: "$task"
    - { "path": "content", "relation": "is", "values": [ "modelling" ] }

Which I think is an implementation almost directly from the documentation. Any idea what’s going on?


I think I’ve worked it out. If anyone else is hitting this problem I had the yml file in the schema but not the template folder. It seems that, in this situation, Shotgun processes the yml file and then copies it to the file system. I assume there’s some logic in the folder creation hook which tells Shotgun not to copy the file if there’s a folder of the same name.

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Hey @Will,

Great stuff, you got it, I have a note from engineering stating the same thing;

Do the folder and yaml file share the same name? There must be a folder in the same directory as the yml file with the same name.

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