SceneOperation Hook class call shenanigans

Hello there!

My goal is to write logic so when with File open (tk-multi-workfiles2) a New file is created in a Shading step.

I figured out I need the SceneOperation Hook class.
For maya, I added it to the env/includes/settings/tk-multi-workfiles2
hook_scene_operation: "{config}/tk-multi-workfiles2/maya/"

I also made it so my implementation of this class will only catch the proper cases:
if operation == "new_file" and context.step['name'] == 'Shading':
In any other cases, the parent class will process the call.

But I’ve got two problems:

  • On first run, the SceneOperation Hook’s execute function is not even called at all.
  • On any other run, it is called twice, which is also unfortunate.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure what is going on, but some thoughts: on first call, possibly the context is not set, so no step.
On first call, the operation might be “save” instead of “save_as”?

  1. The call of the execute function itself is not Step related. I check it before my condition of course. Without any of my custom codes, I still don’t see this function called on first new_file operation.

  2. I added the wrong line of code in my post, ‘save’ and ‘save_as’ is unrelated, I’d like to work with ‘new_file’ actually. But you gave me an idea, so I checked the execute function’s arguments and found out that it calls with ‘new_file’ twice, once operation set for ‘reset’, once for ‘prepare_new’, so I could solve the double call problem by adding the operation to the condition.


Yeah the scene is “reset” nefore new file runs

But do you know why the hook’s execute is not called on the first New file creation?

Guys, I figured it out!
I added
hook_scene_operation: "{config}/tk-multi-workfiles2/maya/"
in env/includes/settings/tk-multi-workfiles2, but only for the asset step.
When I start a new maya, it’s not in asset step, so my hook isn’t registered.
Thanks for all your help!