Sandboxing an existing project

We are working on a production and would like to create a copy/clone of an active project for testing our inhouse tools in a separated sandbox environment. This way we could test every part of the production and make changes in the project’s database and work files without the risk of making these changes in an active project.

I’m still new in Flow Production and would like to know what is the best way for cloning a project with it’s directories and database for testing purposes?

It is in the guide, but basically the code is pulled when you create the sandbox, relying on the link between the website and SG Desktop to reach the local system.

Does this mean that we will still making CRUD operations on the original database?

Yes, only Toolkit is sandboxed, which means you can change all the apps, engines, directory structure, templates, etc. in the sandbox. The “Shotgun API” is a separate module.


Thank you for the clarification.