Rvlink with a script or command

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can I use rvlink with -pyeval or other command on the browser?

rvlink:// -pyeval ‘import%20my_module;my_module.run(‘D:/file_path.json’)’

Hi Bon,

I think they locked a lot of that down awhile ago for security reasons. You can imagine how bad it would be if you could effectively run anything in python from a web browser… yikes

A reasonable alternative is to use -sendEvent <eventName> <payload>

Then an RV package that is already installed in RV can respond to external-<eventName> and the event.contents() will contain the payload you sent.

The -sendEvent can be encoded into an rvlink. If you want help figuring out how to encode payloads, check out running RV from the command-line with all the args you want and then adding -encodeURL, or if you want it to be even more resilliant and don’t care about readability, you can do -bakeURL which will base64 encode your rvlink.



I have referenced your topic, then it works.
Thanks a lot.

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