RVColor node taking a lot on

A typical color workflow:

linear exr
convert to log
apply CDL
apply final look for display

To properly apply the RV interactive color controls (exposure, gamma, saturation, etc) they should act on media that is in linear space. To the best that I can see these interactive adjustments are applied onto the RVColor node in the RVColorPipelineGroup. In fact they appear to be applied to the ‘last’ RVColor node in the group if there is more than one. However, when importing a CDL as a Look CDL it’s extracting those CDL values from the CDL file and applying them directly into the CDL parameters on the same RVColor node that the interactive adjustments are being applied. What this means is, if using the RV import or drag-n-drop method of applying a Look CDL, there’s no way to separate the interactive color adjustments from the application of the CDL values (they’re on the same node and thus no other node/operation, such as a lin2log, can be inserted between them). This makes it impossible to have the interactive adjustments happen in linear space and have the CDL values applied in a log space. Am I missing something? Or is the only way to achieve this behavior to NOT use the RV Import Look CDL feature and manufacture the proper set of color nodes AFTER the RVColor node, so RV’s interactive color adjustments are applied in linear space, then with additional nodes go from linear->log->CDL->display look?