RV color pipeline question/issue


I’m having some issues having RV properly work with my show color workflow using the RV color pipeline. It should be super straightforward but for some reason, RV doesn’t apply the CDL properly when using the “LinearToAlexaLogC” node.
My color workflow is very simple:

Linear EXR-> lin2logC → cdl → displayLUT

This works perfectly either using a pre-cache LUT or, even better with a file LUT ( I have a custom Python script that takes care of this), but caching the shots becomes extremely slow.

According to this post, which I actually opened a while ago, using the node “LinearToAlexaLogC” should also work

So I wrote a python script that automate the creation of that node but to my surprise, when using it, the File CDL (.ccc) seems to be applied incorrectly. It almost looks like it’s applied after the Display LUT.
According to the thread I’ve linked above, it was suggested to apply the per-shot CDL as LookLUT, although even doing so I’m still having the issue. Also, why was that suggested?

As part of my test I tried loading a shot previously converted to AlexLogC color space ( saved as linear EXR) and the color works properly.

Is there something I am missing?