RV Python documentation


I’m trying to get started with Python and RV.

  • Is there some sort of script editor / IDE I can launch in RV to try out Python commands?

  • I can only seem to find a Mu reference guide, is there something similar for Python? Just a document launching all available commands, what they do and what kind of arguments the expect/accept.

  • Lets say I want to assign a shortcut to a currently unassigned menu item. What would be the way to figure out what command is attached to that menu item? I’m currently searching through all files in the rv install directory, but it feels rather inefficient.

  • Is there a place where people upload there custom packages? A bit like Nukepedia for RV?

I did some Googling, but it didn’t return much.


Hi Efraim,

When launching RV, you will need to enable SG Toolkit to have access to the SG Python Console. You can do so by connecting RV to a ShotGrid website through the ‘ShotGrit / ShotGrid Connection Details’ menu inside RV. Once RV is connected to the website, you will have access to the SG Python Console by going through the ‘Tools / ShotGrid Python Console…’, always inside RV.

As for the commands that can be use, you can find the content by opening the ‘Help / Mu Command API Browser’.

There are some packages coming with RV that have purposed to give examples on how to build some scenarios inside your scripts/packages. I believe you can find an example on how to connect hotkeys with actions by looking at the content of the following package that is distributed with RV:


You can also find more information about how to use RV packages by going through the following section of the RV Reference Manual:

Finally, you might also be interested by the following post made by Alexa on our community:

Hope this helps!