RV Presentation Device setting & Output Device name conflicts (Mac OS)


I am having issue setting my 2nd monitor as the Presentation Device.

My speculation is that both of my video output device names are empty (see screenshot), which creates a conflict for the preference to remember which device was selected to be the Presentation Device. The “Use as Presentation Device” checkbox value stays checked on all Output Devices.

I have tried deleting the user preference, still no luck in getting the device names registered. I tested on an older Intel MBP with the same setup and it worked, if this piece of info helps.

RV 2022.3.0
Macbook Pro 14" 2021
macOS 12.3
External Display: Dell 2720Q via thunderbolt

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Hi @ryannyn0619,

This is a known issue and it’s caused by some internal changes on MacOS on Apple Silicon. It is under our radar to try to fix it in a future version of RV.


Hello -

Has this been fixed yet as still having this same issue on Apple M2 / Ventura.

RV 2023.0.0