RV Presentation Device setting & Output Device name conflicts (Mac OS)


I am having issue setting my 2nd monitor as the Presentation Device.

My speculation is that both of my video output device names are empty (see screenshot), which creates a conflict for the preference to remember which device was selected to be the Presentation Device. The “Use as Presentation Device” checkbox value stays checked on all Output Devices.

I have tried deleting the user preference, still no luck in getting the device names registered. I tested on an older Intel MBP with the same setup and it worked, if this piece of info helps.

RV 2022.3.0
Macbook Pro 14" 2021
macOS 12.3
External Display: Dell 2720Q via thunderbolt

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Hi @ryannyn0619,

This is a known issue and it’s caused by some internal changes on MacOS on Apple Silicon. It is under our radar to try to fix it in a future version of RV.


Hello -

Has this been fixed yet as still having this same issue on Apple M2 / Ventura.

RV 2023.0.0


Hello, just want to give this ticket a poke. Is it going to be addressed in the next release? or do we have any work around?

Hi all, (cc @geffrak)

This is still a great problem where we cannot depend on RV to run our meetings since we cannot use our projector screen as a projection device in our meeting room and need to run it the windowed way, which doesn’t let us cleanly switch sources or media.

Can we get an ETA from the RV team or should we explore alternative solutions?


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