Rv link with Maya

Hello all,

Is it possible to link the maya timeline and RV for animator ?

Actually I used rvpush to launch rv or updatre rv after evry playblast.
Is there a way to link the timeline as well.

Best Regards


Do you mean what frame you are on in the timeline as linked to the playblast?

If so, I don’t know if there’s anything anyone has written that is available to drop down out of the box, but the tools to write that exist as packaged with RV.

Check out the RVINSTALLROOT/src/python/network path for an example on how to control RV from an external application using network communication built into RV. This is similar to how RV does synchronized sessions and would be the building blocks for what you are looking to do (assuming I’ve understood what you mean properly).

I hope that helps, and if anyone has an open implementation of that, I’d love to see it!


Thanks Michael for you answer

I gonna check.

Best Regards Mathieu