Retrieve string of "path to movie" from latest version


I’m trying to get the string of the latest published version “path to movie” from a given shot.

How can I return this information? Is there a specific field I can use? I checked under configure fields and could not see any suitable values.

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How are you trying to retrieve this?
Via the Python API?

Yes, I’m using the Python api. I have since found that I can simply use the ‘path_to_movie’ field with some sorting to get the latest version path as follows:

filters = [['entity', 'is', {'type': 'Shot', 'id': id}]]
fields = ['sg_path_to_movie']
sorting = [{'column':'created_at','direction':'desc'}]
latest_version = sg.find_one('Version', filters, fields, sorting)
path_to_movie = latest_version['sg_path_to_movie']
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Yeah you can sort by creation date :slight_smile:

Or use a preset. There are some presets from Shotgrid for Versions.

Something like this:

additional_filter_presets = [
        "preset_name": "LATEST",
        "latest_by": "ENTITIES_CREATED_AT"
versions = sg.find("Version", [['project', 'is', {'type': 'Project', 'id': 1}]], 
                    fields = ['code', 'id', 'sg_path_to_movie'], 
                    order = [{'field_name':'version_number', 'direction':'desc'}], 
                    additional_filter_presets = additional_filter_presets)```
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