Resurecting katana shotgrid

Hello everybody,

question regarding integrating shotgrid with Katana,

having trouble workfile2 app , since it has a lot of dependencies with pyside , and have managed to get most of them to point to pyqt5 for katana , but i am sure you guys would know a better of integrating this in a centralized fashion,


What sort of errors did you run into?

Hi Ricardo,

sorry about the delayed response, ive solved the issue and its up and running,
but thanks for the response ,

have another question though,
for another dcc,
althought the engine for a dcc is defined at the start up,
it complains about engine name not found , any ideas
when i queryy the engine name it comes out as none , reckon i am missing something
this is for 3Dequlizer dcc

replying to my own msg,
its got nothing to do with the engine name , it works fine , it was mistake from my side

but if you know anything about 3Dequalizer4 and if it uses pside2 and if it has any bugs ,
would be great to know