Relocating source and set attributes

How to set the frame & colorspace after relocating a source? We are currently using commands.relocateSource(old, new) followed by commands.setFrame(oldFrame).
When printing it to the console we can see that the frame is being set before the source has been relocated.

We had a look at the different events that occur after a source is relocated. We tried binding a method to the after-progressive-loading, and a few other events with no success, from what we can tell the colorspace is being set after that event occurs in the graph-state-change events which seemed harder to bind.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Looks like the latest release (Version 7.9.2 January 26, 2021) will solve our issue that relocateSource messing up the current frame. Will give it a try!

But still looking for a solution where I can apply the same colorspace from previous source.