Refresh Engine Fails when Using Bootstrap Override

I’m trying to leverage TK_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIG_OVERRIDE and the Bootstrap mechanism to launch tk-maya. It works up until the point where I try to open a file through the workfiles app, and the engine needs to be refreshed. At that point, I get the following error:

TankInitError: You are loading the Toolkit platform from the pipeline configuration located in '/Users/brhoades/Library/Caches/Shotgun/<config-name-redacted>/p253/cfg', with SG id None.

The refresh_engine is trying to create a new sgtk object via sgtk.sgtk_from_path. It is able to recognize that it’s running within a project, however it fails to match the path to a Pipeline Configuration.

It seems to be looking for a Pipeline Configuration ID, but of course, since I’m using the override, there’s no associated Pipeline Config in ShotGrid.

Did I mistakenly assume that the Bootstrap override works? Is there some other setting that I need to specify to indicate that it isn’t supposed to try to lookup Pipeline Configurations from ShotGrid?

Found a setting in the tk-maya engine called automatic_context_switch and set the value to False, which at least prevents the engine from trying to refresh the context each time a file changes. Since we expect artists to go through the workfiles application, this shouldn’t be a problem (but I haven’t done enough testing). I would hope though that there’s a mechanism within SGTK that fully supports the Bootstrap override (and the method of bootstrapping as defined by the ToolkiManager class).