Really odd bug/issue with shotgun file browser in Maya/Nuke with AMD computer

This is an odd one…
we just got a new computer at the studio and there seems to be a python library issue with AMD processors?

Basically we did our normal install got the computer up and running, and outside of shotgun everything functions normally, however with the latest shotgun desktop, when we launch Nuke or Maya the file browser dialog hangs, and either allows the opening of a file after some moments, or just crashes the host application. Even if the file browser becomes responsive any file we attempt to open ends up hanging the host application, and we are forced to quit. We are using a studio wide configuration on stable projects and this issue is not present anywhere else, so the only thing I can see different is this is an AMD processor, and all our other computers are Intel based.

I am mainly asking is there a known issue with specifically:

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920x 12-core Processors? and PYQT/PySide?

There are no errors, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary in the logs what so ever… So it’s a bit of a perplexing issue to debug…


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can disregard this, after some further testing we think its something to do with the graphic card setup, and an improper graphics drivers… or a bad SLI setup…