Reading nuke script with special character in the name


I recently started using pipeline integrations and I’ve run into a couple of roadblocks. Before I figure out a workaround for this, could anyone help me understand if there is a way to make shotgun read a nuke script with underscores in it?

Name of the nuke script I’d like to open using Shotgun menu inside of nuke - “ABC_101_020_001_CMP_v001.nk”.

What shotgun prefers to read - “scene.v001.nk”

Any ideas?

The template for the path is defined in config/core/templates.yml. Check what it contains for Nuke scripts. You can modify it to anything you like. Underscores have a special meaning in filenames - they separate parts into e.g. project, shot, task, etc. (actually anything can be a separator, but this is the accepted convention).