Query Field breaking Note Form

Hey, guys,

We added a Version Query Field to the Note entity:

Since doing so, when we use the Note form (e.g. in the Media App or on the Version detail page), there is a Version field that can be typed in, like a text field. Which doesn’t make sense, because Version is query field.

We don’t appear to be able to remove that field, because Version isn’t listed in the fields pop-up:

And if we type something in that field, and click “Submit” to create the Note, we get an error:

Is this a bug? Is there a way to remove the Version field from the Note form that we don’t know about?

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Hi @JoshBurnell,

Thanks for posting. First of all, I moved your topic to Shotgun category.

Then, I could reproduce the issue partially on my site as I could see the same weird Version field while bringing up Notes form on Version detail page, or by right click on any entity to add note to selected ( cannot see it on notes form in Media app).

And the Version field is not listed in the notes form by default, you need to go to more fields to bring it up. Other than that, I got the same error while typing in something and submit the note.

I’ll have more testing and will escalate it internally once confirmed. Could you please write a ticket to support@shotgunsoftware.com and share with us your Shotgun URL. We could have 1:1 support in that thread.


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