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Our site users have migrated to Autodesk Id.
I am wondering if python script login will be kept as it does.
Do I have to change the codes in the script?


We have made the switch and no changes were required for non-HumanUser API calls.

Script IDs and keys remained valid.

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Hang on, but what about methods like sg.authenticate_human_user()? We use that to have an app upload the file they want to a SG version so that the version is linked to their user.What about that method, do we need to change something?

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Pushing this up.

Granted I’ve only authenticated as a human user via the REST API, but presumably it’s the same across the board: After the Autodesk Identity switch, ShotGrid users need to set up a Personal Access Token before you can authenticate as them.

This is a reasonably complicated topic, but you can read more here: ShotGrid Dev & API consequences and Python API 3.3.1 is out

Once you’ve set up the PAT, everything in your codebase remains the same. However, there’s a fair bit of artist-wrangling involved to get it done, and the users need to be aware that their API credentials are not the same as the Autodesk Id credentials they use to log on to ShotGrid via the website.

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Please see my question in this one:

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I had the same doubt some days ago and, it helped me:

See if it aids in some way.