Python 3 support graph for the popular VFX packages

Hi shotgun TDs,

I’d like to notify everyone here about the site I’ve set up to visually represent the current Python 3 support progress across the packages we use in VFX pipelines:

This is very much just a different way to see the same info that community has been collecting in the open spreadsheet for some time now.

Admittedly, my contribution here is not very significant one–but I did go through all the items from the spreadsheet, checked the data, added some missing information and organized a few things here and there. I’ve also automated the way this is propagated and will do my best to keep it up to date. Please see a README for details:

The site itself is entirely inspired by earlier works such as py3readiness and It is basically a fork repurposed for a similar circumstance.

My intent is simply to have an easily reachable place to go to when one wants to check out where we stand as an industry in this regard. I see this as a long term engagement as we are in for a few years of certain… pains. :smile:

Any feedback is appreciated

Cheers and happy Friday!


Great work and thanks for setting up such a visual representation of the state of Python 3 in the VFX industry!


Hi @koaleksa,

Thank you for sharing this with the community :slight_smile: Your contributions are appreciated.



Thanks for sharing, @koaleksa—awesome stuff! :medal_sports:

I’ve also created and added the tag #community-resources for people to find and add to in the future.

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