Pyside-uic and how to get it on MacOS HighSierra

Hey all,

I normally work on UI files from my Windows machine where I’ve had a working install of pyside-uic.exe for a while.

However, I’m on a Mac for a client now and I can’t seem to get a working version of pyside-uic, because Pip and Brew have both moved to PySide2 packages and such.

brew install pyside-tools fails despite that being the old advice on the interwebs.

brew install pyside yields pyside2-uic which obviously doesn’t do the trick.

Anybody know how to get pyside-uic on Mac now that PySide(1) is deprecated?


I think I answered my own question!

It appears that the good people of Shotgun have bundled the pyside-uic and pyside-rcc in the Shotgun Desktop installation found in the directory below!


Clever chaps!


Nice! Thanks for coming back to share out your self-solve! :medal_sports:

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P.S.—welcome to the community!

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Hi all,

I’ve been away from SG development for about a year, and just ran into a new issue.

I thought I’d reply on this thread again and update it for the current circumstances, since SG Desktop and PySide2 are no longer bundling pyside2-uic and pyside2-rcc.

This guy has a solution that I just searched for for way too long!

Basically the solution is to go back to an older version of PySide2 which still includes the commands. Obvious to me in retrospect, but I was very frustrated before I found that dude’s video.

I hope this helps!