Pyside-uic and how to get it on MacOS HighSierra

Hey all,

I normally work on UI files from my Windows machine where I’ve had a working install of pyside-uic.exe for a while.

However, I’m on a Mac for a client now and I can’t seem to get a working version of pyside-uic, because Pip and Brew have both moved to PySide2 packages and such.

brew install pyside-tools fails despite that being the old advice on the interwebs.

brew install pyside yields pyside2-uic which obviously doesn’t do the trick.

Anybody know how to get pyside-uic on Mac now that PySide(1) is deprecated?


I think I answered my own question!

It appears that the good people of Shotgun have bundled the pyside-uic and pyside-rcc in the Shotgun Desktop installation found in the directory below!


Clever chaps!


Nice! Thanks for coming back to share out your self-solve! :medal_sports:

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P.S.—welcome to the community!

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