Project Timeline & Crew Planning Page font color issue

morlock here.

I’m a relatively new user to SG.
My task is mainly involved with schedule and planning the overall project, in which I find these two apps [Project Timeline] and [Crew Planning] to be very useful to my work.

However, I found that the interface is somewhat broken in which the color of the fonts are too bright that I can hardly read what it is.
Please refer to the attached image.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the font colors, either through SG settings, or on my PC settings.

  1. In Windows, I tried switching between light and dark mode, but no result.
  2. In the browser, again I tried switching between light and dark mode, but no result too.
  3. I used different browsers just to double check if it is browser related, but still no result too.
    Browser used: (MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome,

I’m not sure if this only happens to me since I tried googling around for similar cases but cannot find any.

I hope to hear something from the community and dev.
Thank you!

I noticed this as well. I believe it could be down to the fact that both are still in Beta?

Can you try changing the ShotGrid Theme (switching between light and dark mode).

SG Theme

if this doesn’t work, can you create a ticket to the Autodesk support team