Process_folder_creation hook -- how to get pipeline configuration path

the process_folder_creation hook in the pipeline configuration directory imports sgtk but it does not have a “pipeline_config” class variable.
I figured this was standard to the sgtk module. How do I otherwise access the pipeline config path within process_folder_creation?



Hello! I’m not seeing sgtk imported in the process_folder_creation hook – no mention of tk or tank at all, either.

Can you tell me a little more about what you’re trying to achieve?

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Oh, my mistake. It’s not there by default.

I’m trying to get the root directory of the pipeline configs.
Usually I access that with sgtk.pipeline_configs


From the looks of it, that property is not documented, and I think I can see why. We only populate that when the TANK_CURRENT_PC env var is not set. The env var is usually set if you are launching Software via the tk-multi-launcapp:

Maybe this would help: