Problem with create_filesystem_structure method

Hi I got a problem with “create_filesystem_structure” method, when I use bootstraped “tk-shell” engine, it’s strange for me because we use same config for many projects and eveything works fine. Any clue why it’s not working? I use that with standalone Python 3.11 with shotgun-api3 and sgtk libs. When I try to get templates from bootstraped engine everything works fine, only “create_filesystem_structure” cause problems. The main question is if it’s neccesery to create filesystem structure, or avery paths will be register during creating new publish file?

tank.errors.TankError: Error resolving filter expression [{'path': 'project', 'relation': 'is', 'values': ['$cache']}, {'path': 'sg_asset_type', 'relation': 'is', 'values': ['$asset_type']}] in C:\Users\t.szymski\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\bundle_cache\sg\juicewro\v640019\core\schema\cache\assets\asset_type\asset.yml: The folder object <Project C:\Users\t.szymski\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\bundle_cache\sg\juicewro\v640019\core\schema\cache> cannot be used in folder $expressions