Pop Up UI in the browser


I have a couple of AMI’s i would like to feed user input trough,

my hope was to have this as part of the shotgun web UI

Something like this (taken from the edit selected cmd)

A couple of input fields and check boxes, nothing too outrages.
what ever settings is set should ideally be passed through a
Custom protocol handler, to our own tools.

I’m having a hard time finding this,
maybe its already in the documentation and i am just not seeing it?



Hi Esben

You can’t unfortunately, build a custom UI natively in Shotgun, but you could make AMIs modal overlay:

That displays an iframe that you could load a URL with your own UI in.
Maybe that would work for you?


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Hey philip,

Thanks for the reply, I will try and make that work.

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Hey again,

So if i don’t have Modal overlay enabled,
Using a html on our locally hosted server that also hosts our wordpress blog.
it opens a new window in the browser, so far so good.

The second i enable modal overlay it does one of two things:

if its a http it still just opens a new browser window that’s runs the html.
if its a https it opens a frame within the correct window with nothing in it.

I have tried simple code like adding one button or changing the bg to pink but the pop up is always a white empty box.

now i am NOT a web developer, my expertise lies squarely within Python so i might be missing something really obvious.

Does the modal overlay require anything specific to function?

Hi Esben

I’m not expert on Shotgun AMI’s my self, so I’ll see if I can get someone else to take a look for you later today.

However, one thing I do know is it would need to be an https address, in order for it to work.

I guess another question I have is, are you able to load your page and have it display correctly independently without the Shotgun AMI part?


if i access the page directly as a address
or run it without the modal overlay check box it works.

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Hi Esben,

Like Phil mentined, you’ll need to use https. Alongside the https address, you’ll also need an SSL certificate. You can generate your own for testing or you can use a site like letsencrypt.com to generate one for something you’re planning to use in production.

Here’s a bit of code that I wrote a while back that should help you get a barebones Python Flask web server up and running as an AMI:

With that up and running, you should be able to point your AMI at and see Shotgun’s payload get dumped out to your modal.