OCIO->Displays menu

What factors are at play that cause some of our RV users to have a TopMenuBar->OCIO->Displays submenu while other users do not?
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Having Enabled the OCIO package will display that

Thanks for the response but both instances have OCIO enabled, yet some get the extra menu and others do not.

Hi @jpolk5001 !

You can select an OCIO display per screen. If you only have one display attached at your machine, no submenu will be displayed.
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While that does make sense,…in this case, the machine w/ two attached monitors does not get the extra ‘Display’ menu, and the user with one attached monitor does get the extra ‘Display’ menu. Both users are remote so the machines are in the main studio. Perhaps graphic cards abilities and/or monitor type play a role?

Depending on the remote software some create extra virtual display devices and some are only able to create a secondary display if there is a monitor or display dummy attached to the gfx card.

Ricardo, you are correct, sir!

If the OCIO package (ocio_srouce_setup-2.2.rvpkg) is loaded, you get the extra ‘Display’ menus.

Typically, we manage OCIO with our own package so we don’t need that loaded, so that’s why it didn’t show up for some. Other users who had that menuItem enabled/loaded that package on their own initiative, and in our case, they’re not supposed to do that.

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