Nuke Quickreview resolution control?

Nuke quick review is great way of submit for review. But the issue is, the resolution is so low, and the image is kind of very blurry, so is there a way of make it a bit better quality ?


Hello –

You can customize your quickreview movie (including resolution) in the tk-nuke-quickreview app’s settings hook.

I believe it may be as simple as taking over the hook and modifying the return value of the get_resolution() method, seen here.

That should do it, but for completeness, here are some other useful related links:

Let us know if you have any other questions!


I got a bit more information, so I wanted to add it here (thanks @philip.scadding and @johnny.duguid!): There are some limitations to resolution Shotgun’s transcoder: it processes movies at 720p and images at 2k. If you want to override these settings, you can go with do-it-yourself transcoding.