No Loader Entity Mappings for other entity types in the hierarchy tree?

I have some entity mappings and they all work as-expected if the entity_type matches for the Loader Tab tree view. However, recognized parent and child entities of a different type do not get any entity_mappings unless the entire tab is set to that type, even though Loader recognizes the entity_type as a folder.

    Task: [perforce_sync,create_folders]
    AssetLibrary: [perforce_sync,create_folders]
    Asset: [perforce_sync,create_folders]
    CustomEntity01: [perforce_sync,create_folders]
    CustomEntity03: [perforce_sync,create_folders]  

For example:

Tab 1, only Task entity_mappings work (not Project or Entity):

  - caption: My Tasks
    entity_type: Task
    - [task_assignees, is, '{context.user}']
    hierarchy: [project, entity, content]      

Tab 2, only Asset entity_mappings work (not Project or Asset Library):

  - caption: Content
    entity_type: Asset
    hierarchy: [project, sg_asset_library, sg_asset_type, sg_asset_category, code]   

For Asset tree tab:

For Task tree tab:

For AssetLibrary in Asset tree tab (no mappings):

Is this an inherent limitation of Loader? Or can it be modified to add entity_mappings to “other” entity types in the hierarchy?