Multiple versions sharing the same published files


It seems I can’t link multiple versions to the same published image sequence :

I have version ‘A’ and version ‘B’. I go to the details page of version A and set the ‘Published files’ field to ‘Publish A’. That works. I then go to version B and set it’s published files field to the same ‘Publish A’. That works, but when I return to version A I see it’s published files field has been emptied automatically…

Is there a way to link the same published file to multiple versions ?



No unless you make a custom field that is multi-entity and add the versions there.

But by design, a Version can have many published files, but a published file can only be attached to 1 version as its a source file/data file for just 1 iteration.

If you have version A and Version B then I would presume both are different somehow?

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the information. My case is about Nuke renders using multiple views (eg ‘left’, ‘right’). We use this functionality when doing TV commercials. It’s very efficient to set up multiple views for different variations of the same shot (with brand name A, another for brand name B for example). By default the publisher (tk-multi-publish2) makes a single publish for multiple renders (i.e. the publish path uses %V instead of using separate ‘left’, ‘right’ publishes. That was the context of my question.

I decided to change this default behavior to have separate publishes for each view, and so the problem with versions will be solved as well, each version will be linked to a single publish.

Thanks and happy new year

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I see,

that makes sense and indeed for your use case it’s necesarry to adjust the behaviour to fit your needs.