Mobile App is So Close to Good

The mobile app does almost everything I need it to do, except allow for status changes. It has the status field there, but when you tap it it crashes the app… if it could only do that, I really do think this could be an extremely useful app! Let me know if I’m missing something! Please fix!!


@Guillaume @jing.liu @lampronf

Hi @Cameron , I just tried with our test site and it worked fine for me. On the screenshot, I see you don’t even have a current status set on the version, do you know why the status would be empty? Is it empty when you look at the same version from the SG browser?

Thank you for your response!

You’re right! It works for version status. Thank you very much. Does it work for Task status?


Oh @compaga I think I’ll just set up a web hook that changes task status (and by effect also shot status) based off changes in version status. Thanks!


Is this a new mobile app ? Is it available for Android ?