Lose the additional frame in the reviewsubmision nuke/render_media.py

Apologies for a newbie question.

I am looking to have both review submission and Nukes quickreview produce a clean quicktime with custom LUT and no slate.

I am almost there, but I still have an extra held frame at the start of the clip.

I am sure it has to do with this line:

        # Render the outputs, first view only
        nuke.executeMultiple([output_node], ([first_frame-1, last_frame, 1],), [nuke.views()[0]])

But everything I have attempted has broken.

Thanks in advance!

Seems like first_frame - 1 should be first_frame and it would be alright?

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Finally got a bit of time to try this, then remembered exactly why that hasn’t been working after seeing the results. End up going from one additional zero frame slate to missing the first frame of the comp…frustratingly.

It does feel like it should be as simple as that though.