Looking for a senior ShotGrid pipeline python developer (aka Toolkit, Ecosystem) at AUTODESK!

Hi everyone! The ecosystem team (who is taking care of the ShotGrid toolkit, integrations, python API, etc at Autodesk) is looking for a senior python dev for a permanent position. We would prefer Montreal or Toronto but we are also willing to consider any other location (including remote) in US or Canada.
Here is the link

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Hey are we doing a job posting page?

Arch Platform Technologies is hiring for Pipeline folks of all levels!
If you’re here you’re probably already a ShotGrid expert, but even if you’re not, we’ll train you up!

We are based around 2 main timezones, PT (GMT-8) and JST (GMT+9). The more junior the applicant, the closer we’d like you to be to those timezones!

Take a look! There are some pretty cool things we have in the works!

If you’re interested let me know and I’ll get your application in front of the right people!