LogArgs example plugin presenting several errors

I’m trying to configure the event daemon and test the simple example logArgs plugin, but I’m met with several errors regarding the os.environ variables, a connection refusal, and being unable to register a callback function from logArgs. I’ve tried to find a few clues to why, my first assumption is that the connection to the server is being halted somehow through our network. Any feedback/clues would be helpful! Here’s what the console presents:

(Edit: I’ve fixed most of the problems in this log, continued in reply. Deleted so you don’t have to scroll a million miles.)

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Went a little further and cleared up the connection problem-
Now I’m just getting CRITICAL:engine:Error running register callback function from logArgs.
It gets caught up at os.environ[“SGDAEMON_LOGARGS_NAME”] (left it at default for now). Past that, it raises a KeyError(key) from None (KeyError: ‘SGDAEMON_LOGARGS_NAME’) in os.py getitem.
I still can’t quite figure it out.

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Figured it out. I’m silly and forgot to set the logArgs scriptname/key for the callback params.

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Glad you got there, @victorfranjo and thanks for sharing the solution! :medal_sports:

Running into the same issue; could you explain a bit more what you did? I’m a little new to all of this, but I found those defaults you’re mentioning.

Do os.environ[“SGDAEMON_LOGARGS_NAME”] and os.environ[“SGDAEMON_LOGARGS_KEY”] need to match the script and key that you place in shotgunEventDaemon.conf? Or do you need to create a unique Script name and Key in Shotgrid, and use that?

Thank you!

Hey @josephh
Take a look at this post, it should give you some idea

Thank you, @ali-jafargholi ! Looks like this is exactly what I was looking for!