List all aviable applications on toolkit startup

Hi, I need some help.

engine.commands.iteritems() - gives me only base list of application, it is nice start point to load necessary task, its very handle, but I need to get list get a list of all available application for that toolkit on startup, even if it depend only for shot or asset. Just names will be enough. Is it possible?



Hey welcome to the forums, and good question!

The commands are registered by the apps, so it is unfortunately not possible to know what commands might exist until the apps are loaded and they register the commands. An app can register more than one command dynamically, so the only way to know all commands would be to bootstrap the relevant engine in the relevant context.

There is a sgtk.platform.find_app_settings which you can use to get the settings for an app from a different engine and context, but it requires you to know the app name up front, so it’s probably not that useful to you.


I have found bootstrapping process, but hoped that there is some method to do this. I will try to find some other method to solve my issue.
Anyway Thanks!
Cheers, Phil!