Limiting bandwidth for shotgun api upload?

I was wondering if we can limit the bandwith for uploading files to Shotgun?
Preferably only under specific conditions.

Or if this is not available in the API, could we maybe filter the traffic on our firewall and apply a firewall qos policy to this? What traffic would we filter for?


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your question! The API itself has no bandwidth limiting capabilities, so any throttling would need to be done at the system or studio level. I’ll double check with our engineers if there are any unique signatures you could use to identify API traffic vs. regular web traffic.


I guess we could filter for uploads to aws?

Any extra signatures would be great!

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From what I’ve learned there don’t appear to be any distinguishable characteristics of API traffic vs. regular web UI traffic. If your primary concern is upload/download of files, then throttling traffic going to/coming from the AWS domains listed in our Shotgun Ecosystem doc should work for you.